Make Africa Your Partner
  • Apart from sharing common history as colonies, India and Africa are similar in terms of availability of rich natural resources, a similar demography and large domestic markets
  • Trade between India and Africa has grown at an impressive CAGR of 28% to reach $ 67.85 billion in 2013-14 and is expected to grow to an impressive $ 100 billion over the next 2-3 years
  • India is the 9th largest source of FDI in Africa with investments majorly in the services and manufacturing sectors Till 10 May 2014,
  • Of the total 187 operative Lines of Credit (LOCs) worth $10.21 billion from India’s Exim Bank, 133, amounting to $6.28 billion, have been earmarked were earmarked for 48 African countries
Why africa???

  • There is an Unexplored Natural Resources, Growth and Markets are big draws in Africa
  • It has 50% of the Word's Gold
  • 90% of Cobalt deposits
  • 40% of the world's Potential Hydro Electric Power

  • 65% of Manganese deposits
  • Millions of acres of Untilled Farm land
  • Abendend Natural Resources
  • Large reserves of Oil
  • A total market for 1 Bn. population


Indo-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in the year 1985, under the Companies Act 1956. It provides a dynamic institutional link for the promotion of commercial and economic relations between Indian and African Countries. The Chamber constantly strives to identify new areas of mutual co-operation and ensure the smooth flow of trade, investment joint ventures and technology. In the past few years, India has participated in the process of economic development of West Asia by supplying manpower, increasing trade and making a major breakthrough in construction and project exports.

It has continually played crucial role to ascertain newer business sectors and opportunities to augment trade and investment. A galaxy of Indian business entity associates them with the chamber. In its effort to promote, widen and develop the trade and business relations between India and Africa the chamber has reached every extent of activity. It has also aggressively worked towards strengthening the socioeconomic relations and fraternity bond between India and Africa

Business Opportunities

"Africa is young and biggest Business Opportunity for India"

  • "india Ocean is the bridge to africa"
  • "The Growing Indo-Africa partnership, Led by the private sector, has scripted many success stories..."
  • "Africa's growth is of immense value not only to the african economies but also to the other global economies, many of which are still grappling with the impact of the global economic slowdown and the Euro Zone crises..."
  • "India -Africa bilateral trade grew at 8.5% during 2012-13 and diid not suffer any contraction unlike it did with other geographies..."
  • "india's cumulative investments in the african region has now reached to $46 Billion"

Our Few Publications

  • Business Opportunites

    India's engagement with Africa is distinct & different from any other country. Africa is described as, “the continent of opportunity”.
  • South Africa

    South Africa is a 'rainbow' nation of at least nine African, three Asian, and half a dozen European Cultures.

    Ghana – gateway to West Africa…… it has got independence in the year 1957 has become the 1st sub – saharan African Country.
  • Ethiopia

    Our chamber is regularly publishing useful periodicals on African countries and Ethiopia is one of them.

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