Sunanda Rajendran is the founder Director and the Secretary general appointed in the year 1992 of the indo African chamber of commerce.Even before that she is working as Executive director of the Indo Arab Chamber of Commerce & industries since its inception 1983. Both the institutions are today the Leading Premier chamber of commerce in India .

Born: September 5th

She has been passionate for promoting both the Arab & African sector. Total 78 countries( mainly 24 Arab & 54 Africa ) She has been awarded"Justice of Peace" by the then yemen Govt in the year 1989 where she played a very important role during unification of Yemen.
She had settled 2089 disputes between the Indian and the Arab companies till date amicably without going to the court of Law successfully. She has extensively traveled to almost 62 countries.
with vast 32 years of practical experience in this industry.

A worldly scholar

She is a person of great respect and high reputation. She is born and brought up in south Mumbai.Graduated from HR College in Mumbai ,further persuaded her studies with Mumbai University.Thereafter she acquired special studies in Law, Arbitration, Export/Import,Finance,Banking and Economics.
In her early career she has looked after & manged 7 Leasing and finance companies, 5 co.operative credit society, 3 social institutions,and was representing one of the very reputed Bank for several years.

She had travelled to UK,Europe, Saudi,UAE,Qatar, Bahrain,Oman,Kuwait,yemen,Iraq,Libiya,Syria,Algeria,Morocco,Egypt,Sudan,S.Sudan,South Africa and almost nearly 62 afro arab countries.

She had played a pivotal role for settling down and interim assistance to the Indians who came back from Kuwait & Iraq during the war in the year 1992.
She was the 1st pioneer Indian Women who represented not only the Chamber but also "India" on many occasion in the Afro Arab world mainly in Saudi Arabia, UAE,Yemen,Iraq .
She had the privileged to work with nearly 356 Diplomats both Indian /Arab and Africa origin all these years.
she had by this time filled a number of roles at the chamber, ranging from encouraging,motivating,educating the SME/MSME/MNC/PSU etc for strengthening and promoting the business partnership.may it be a joint venture/technology Transfer or executing the projects both in India & Overseas
She had the privileged to work with Late Ramu Pandit, Pai Panandikar, Dr Amit Mitra,Dr Bhaskar Sarkar, late H.E.Koffee Annan, Shaikh Mazen batterjee, Shaikh A.K.Saeed,Shaikh sayeed Jorwan, Abdul rahim Naqi,Mr Zubairi and many more..
She also liaison with UN,UNIDO,Africa Union,League of Arab State, and nearly 42 Chamber of commerce & industries during this period.
She had prepared and presented many papers on "Doing Business Series ..with the Arab world, and African continents, Articles on Food security,Indo African opportunities and challanges, Make Africa your partner, Pharma sector in Africa & scope for India, MSME vision , currently she has enrolled for her Doctorate on " African Business opportunities and scope for India".doing business in the Arab world series etc etc.
While India’s relations with African countries are time tested and historical, nevertheless in recent years this affiliation has been revitalised. Booming trade is an indication of this change. Trade has grown from US$967 million in 1990-91 to $25 billion in 2006-07 (inclusive of oil imports). This transformed relationship is driven by a number of factors.And that is what exactly what Sunanda is doing, motivating, encouraging, guiding, giving directions to Indian companies to do business with Africa , and this credit she always gives to all the African Ambassadors based in Delhi who are her strong supporter and well wishers
there is a growing recognition of the fact that she has been a brand Ambassador of Africa , promoting Africa from this part of the country, not only this she has won the confidence of the African side as well, doing match making, Reverse Buyer Seller meet is a part of her routine.I for Africa.Africa Trade Summit, Vibrant Gujarat Mahatech,Pharmatech, GTTES,Elecrama, IESS ,and many more mega event she has been able to showcase her capabilities by inviting more and more African delegates from multisectoral business and given them a practical way out to take these technology to their country which in turn will prove to be beneficial in creating employment opportunities for the local thereby increase in the National per capita income of the country.

Similarly her contribution for the Arab world is also of immense value to all of us. Her contribution for restoring and promoting business ties with not only Govt but with Private sector is also well known,She was the 1st woman from the business fraternity to travel to these Arab countries and host the Indian Flagship on the Top.
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